Many Road Hours Means Higher Chance Of Animal Strikes

When your job has you on the road in rural areas, as the Livingston County Deputies are quite often, it puts your chances of colliding with an animal a little higher than normal.  Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says deputies have recently been involved in a couple of accidents with animals.

Recently two department employees were on a prisoner transport from Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail with a female detainee traveling to the Missouri Department of Corrections in Vandalia and were on I-35 when a wild turkey flew into their path when it struck the windshield of the patrol vehicle and broke it.

Cox says another recent incident had a deputy on late-night patrol when a coyote ran into the path of the patrol vehicle.  The protective front push style bumper protected the grill and radiator area but the coyote did about $1,500 in damage to the fog light area of the front end.

We all need to be safe on the roads, watch for traffic and watch for the animals that are not watching for us.

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