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Flood Warnings Continue On Portions Of The Grand River

Flood Warnings continue for portions of the Grand River.

At Pattonsburg, the river crested at 26.95 feet at Wednesday about 6:15 pm and has fallen back below flood stage of 25 feet.

At Gallatin, the river rose slightly above flood stage of 26 feet, cresting at 26.48 feet just after midnight and has already fallen below flood stage.

At Chillicothe, the river is at 26.61 feet and rising.  The river is expected to crest near 27 feet this morning and fall back below flood stage of 24 feet early Friday morning.

At Sumner moderate flooding is occurring.    The river rose above flood stage of 26 feet at about 9:30 Wednesday night.  A crest of 32.5 feet is expected tonight and flooding will continue into Saturday morning.  The reading at 8:00 am was 31.4.

Flooding is NOT forecast for Brunswick.

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