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Trenton City Council Meets Monday

The Trenton City Council will consider several ordinances and discuss a request for improvements to Serendipity Lane as part of the agenda Monday night.  The council meets at 7:00 pm at City Hall.

The comments from the public will include a discussion about improvements to Serendipity Lane, a gravel road in a neighborhood that was annexed by the city.  The city had told the residents in the past they would not maintain or improve the road until the residents FIRST brought it up to standards.

Ordinances for consideration include:  Conflict of Interest, Lodging Tax, updates to the City’s Phone System, amending the Jake Brake Ordinance, and applying for ARPA Funds from the DNR.

New Business includes a review of a draft drug policy, a discussion on asphalt rock inventories and production at the asphalt plant.  There will also be a discussion on cyber insurance.

A closed executive session is planned for legal and real estate purposes.

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