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Turf Replacement At Litton Stadium

The turf at the new Jerry Litton Memorial Stadium was recently removed in preparation for replacing it with new turf.  Chillicothe High School Principal and Athletic Director Dan Nagel says the turf typically has a life of around 10 years and that is how long the stadium has been open.  Nagel says the old turf was showing signs of wear.

He says after a few years, that resulted in more players with turf burns and abrasions.

Nagel says the installation of the new field is much like laying a new carpet.  You pull up the old and check and repair the surface the new turf will be installed on and then bring in the new turf.

He says there is also the infill that gives the turf its structure and cushion.

The new turf will be arriving over the next several days and crews will be installing the new field with a deadline of July 22nd.

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