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Missouri Gas Tax Takes Next Step For Transportation Funding July 1st

With gas prices already rising this year, Missouri is set to increase the fuel tax on July 1st.  In 2021, a new law with a goal of increasing transportation funding took effect.  That law began in October with a fuel tax increase of 2.5 cents, with additional increases of 2.5 cents in each fiscal year until reaching an additional 12.5 cents per gallon on July 1, 2025.  That new law also allows Missourians to request a refund on the tax increase amount.

July 1st marks the first date for state refunds for the Missouri gas tax. The Missouri Department of Revenue says to request a refund, you will need to complete Form 4923-H.    The Department of Revenue is working on a system to allow the customer to electronically file a claim and receive the approved refund electronically.

The Department of Revenue says you will not have to provide original receipts with the form, but information from the receipts is needed to fill out the forms.  You may also be able to use information from the station fuel rewards programs to claim your refund.

For full information and a link to the needed form, follow this link  https://dor.mo.gov/faq/taxation/business/motor-fuel.html

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