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Parson Signs – No Patient Left Alone

A bill that provides visitation standards for hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities was signed into law by Governor Mike Parson.  HB 2116 allows a resident or patient in a health care facility in-person contact with a compassionate care visitor during visiting hours.

State Representative Rusty Black this legislation came about due to the restriction at the beginning of COVID. Black says this legislation will protect the rights of patients.

State Senator Bill White said “The Essential Caregiver and No Patient Left Alone acts are designed to protect patients and residents in care facilities so they never have to face the prospect of being isolated from loved ones or caregivers while providing support for our health care facilities against federal mandates.”

Governor Parson said. “No individual should ever be isolated when in critical care at hospitals or care facilities, and we are happy to sign this legislation to ensure that they won’t be.”

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