Carrollton Town Board Meeting and Public Hearing

Carrollton Town Council Set for Monday Night

The Carrollton Town Board will meet Tuesday evening at Carrollton City Hall.  Just before the meeting, at 6:00 pm, will be a Planning and Zoning Public Hearing.

The public hearing is to discuss

Demolition of  properties at 403 N Main, 308 N Main, 105 E Lincoln, 407 W Benton

Partial vacation of 13 W 13th

Rezoning of 712 W Lincoln and 1111 E 10th.

In the regular council session, the Carrollton Town Council will hear from the Municipal Utilities Superintendent about the Turbo Net Contract and the council will consider bids for Road Salt.

A Closed executive session will be held for legal, real estate, and personnel matters.

The Carrollton Town Board meeting and Public Hearing is TUESDAY at 6:00 pm at Carrollton City Hall.

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