Holiday Patrol And Enforcement For State Troopers

The Missouri Highway Patrol compiled the statistics for the July 4th holiday weekend.  For the Holiday travel period, from Friday through Monday, troopers across the state were on the road to assist motorists and enforce the law.

The Missouri Highway Patrol reported for the entire state, Troopers worked 285 traffic crashes, which included 107 injuries and six fatalities. Troopers also made 141 DWI arrests and 82 drug arrests over the holiday weekend.

Troopers also worked 11 boating crashes, which included five injuries and zero fatalities. Troopers made 13 BWI arrests and 18 drug arrests. One person drowned over the holiday weekend.

In Trooper H, from Livingston County west, there were 10 vehicle crashes, with no injuries or fatalities.  Troop H reported 8 DWI’s and 15 drug-related arrests.

Sergeant Shane Hux also reported Troop H participated in Operation C.A.R.E., resulting in 184 citations, 353 warnings, and 33 motorists assisted.

Troop B, from Linn County east, there were 25 crashes, 10 injuries, and no fatalities.  Troop B also reported 9 DWI’s and 10 drug-related arrests.

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