COVID-19 Numbers Up In Parts Of Missouri, Including Locally

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is seeing an increase in COVID 19 cases and Hospitalizations for treatment.  They report new Omicron variants known for high transmission appear to be driving cases and hospitalizations. The states team maintains the COVID-19 dashboard to help you visualize how this virus is moving in our state – you can find it at Health.Mo.Gov/coronavirus

Livingston and Carroll Counties are currently shown as having a high number of cases.

The state continues to encourage all Missourians to take proper precautions and work with their doctor to understand their risk factors. Now is the time to get up-to-date on your COVID-19 vaccine doses if you haven’t already done so.

Contact your local health center about vaccination.  Call 660-646-5506.


  • I received one booster already, do I need to get a follow up one? I will keep up with them. Are COVID cases rising in Warren county in Missouri? Please keep me updated ☺️
    Thank you!
    Have a Blessed day!

  • They are leaving the information a little vague with the only chance of going to a website in which they control and they place the information into. Remeber the incident in Florida? The numbers were messed up. Here is problem, there have been many variants and different strains that is so mind numbing, it’ll do your head in.

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