Livingston County Election Results For the 2022 Missouri Primary

Just over 33% of Livingston County voters cast a ballot on the Missouri Primary Election Tuesday.  That is 3,127 of 9,344 registered voters.

The race for the Livingston County Clerk was decided in the primary.  Incumbent Sherry Parks won with 1699 votes to Jay Shirley with 1154.

There is no democrat candidate.  Parks will be the only name on the November ballot for Livingston County Clerk



  • Congratulations Sherry Parks!

  • Charlotte A Allen

    You got my vote. Congratulations!

  • Glad we will continue to have an experienced professional running our safe & secure elections in Livingston County.

    Still, it’s a bit scary that someone who has never bothered to serve in any election as a judge or clerk and has no understanding of the election system could garner 1154 votes based on conspiracy theories about the non-existent possibility of voting machines that are never connected to the internet **maybe could be** hacked….

  • Congratulations Sherry! Tell Bernie hi!

  • Congratulations Sherry! Tell Bernie I said hi!

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