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Housing Livingston County Detainees

Livingston County will utilize three primary jail facilities to house detainees.  Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says the majority of detainees are male and the closest facility is Caldwell County, which only holds male detainees.  Cox says the use of the Caldwell County Jail for the majority of the male detainees cuts transport time and fuel expense in half.

The majority of the male detainees have been moved to Caldwell County, with exception of three who were either sentenced or have a jury trial scheduled around November.  Those three are housed at Harrison County, which saves the county $450 a month in housing.

The Harrison County Detention Center is also holding five female detainees.  Cox says this saves the county an additional $700 per month in housing.

The remainder of the female detainees are held in Randolph County Detention Center which is currently saving Livingston County $1200 per month in housing.

These facilities all utilize WebEx with the courts, which is court over the internet and minimizes transports and trips to court.

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