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New Storm Siren Installed For Downtown

The storm siren atop Chillicothe City Hall has been replaced with a new siren about a block away.  Chillicothe Fire Chief Eric Reeter says the new siren is located by the New veterans building.  That siren was put online Monday.

Reeter says the new siren is a voice command siren so emergency services can give approaching weather-related Information to the downtown area when events are occurring.

The City hall siren is now offline but will stay in place until a time when the roof is replaced.  This is due to the control box being covered in roofing material.

Funding for the new siren came from ARPA funds.  The cost was right at $35000. CMU did the installation and Blue Valley connected it to the Chillicothe network of sirens.  If you are in the area the first Wednesday of the month when the sirens are tested, listen for the new siren.

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