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Be Aware Of Farm Equipment On The Area Roads

Harvest season in Missouri means large farm equipment on the roads and moving slowly.  The Missouri Highway Patrol reminds motorists to pay attention and be patient when on the roads this fall.

The farmers are doing their job by moving equipment from field to field and moving harvested products to the farm or the elevators.

Much of the equipment is large and can often take up multiple lanes.  This makes it hard for motorists to see around the equipment and can also make it hard for the farmers to see the vehicles behind them.

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety recommends these simple tips when driving around slow-moving farm machinery:

  • Be mindful that it’s harvest season and keep an eye out for machinery.
  • Be patient and remember that farmers are just doing their jobs.
  • Always pass on the left and only when you have clear sight distance.
  • Always wear your seat belt. It’s your best defense in any traffic crash.
  • Pay full attention to the road and put your cell phone down.

Whenever possible, before making that pass, attempt to make eye contact with the driver of the farm equipment.  Once you begin your pass, complete it quickly, don’t linger beside the equipment.

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