Ambulance District Under Investigation After Poor Audit Rating

The Carroll County Ambulance District is working with law enforcement after they received a “Poor” rating in an audit by the Missouri State Auditor’s office.  One of the findings of that audit was Misappropriated Money.

The report states the auditors found that money totaling at least $91,794 was misappropriated from the district from June of 2020 to March of 2021.  This includes payroll overpayments totaling $54,530 and questionable mileage reimbursements totaling $1,945 that were paid to the Director.  The audit report also states the Director misappropriated $4,021 from a district employee benefit reimbursement account and used a district credit card for personal purchases totaling $108.

The Director also improperly authorized 19 payroll overpayments totaling $29,560 to 15 district employees between November of 2020 and January 2021, and a final payment of $1,630 to a district employee in July 2020.

The Auditor’s recommendation includes the Board of Directors work with law enforcement officials regarding the criminal prosecution of improper overpayments, questionable and improper reimbursements, and improper purchases; and take the necessary actions to obtain restitution.

The board’s response was that the Carroll County Ambulance District will work with all law enforcement officials during the course of any investigation.


Additional findings included in the areas of:

Oversight and Segregation of Duties

Payroll Controls and Procedures


Sunshine Law


Electronic Communication Policy

Capital Assets



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