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County Budget Approved On 2-To-1 Vote

The 2023 Livingston County Budget was approved on a 2-to-1 vote, with Eastern District Commissioner Alvin Thompson voting No.  The budget includes more than $13 million in expenditures and a cost of living increase for employees.  Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says every budget year has its challenges.

Another area is 911,  the County contracts with Chillicothe, and the department continues to grow with 8 dispatchers and authorization for 10.

Douglas says they addressed the county bridges.

Thompson voted no on the budget because he disagrees in how the county hands road and bridge issues and feels the local crew and commissioners should be more involved.

Douglas says they also continued efforts to keep their wages strong for the county employees.

Douglas says they are also working on the financial reserves, which he expects will be near 22% by the end of 2023.  They would like to get to 25% or higher.

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