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CHS Boys Wrestling Goes 1-0-1 At Home Triangular On Tuesday

The Chillicothe High School Boys Wrestling team went 1-0-1 in their Senior Night Triangular on Tuesday night. The Hornets took down Oak Grove 38-31 and tied 42-42 to Benton.
Chillicothe (42) vs. Benton (42)

106: Kemper Gehring (BENTON) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
120: Jonathan Dozier (BENTON) over James Hail (CHILLICO) (Fall 2:53)
126: Kain Rose (BENTON) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
132: Caden Kanniainen (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
144: Morgan Orndorff (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
150: Bishop Rush (BENTON) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:28)
157: Gage Snodgrass (BENTON) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
165: Kaden Lee (BENTON) over Brody Hollifield (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:10)
175: Dawson Sutton (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
190: Brody Carins (CHILLICO) over (BENTON) (For.)
215: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over Colton Davis (BENTON) (Fall 1:51)
285: Kevin Machado (BENTON) over (CHILLICO) (For.)

Oak Grove (31) vs. Chillicothe (38)

106: Sabastian Williams (OAKGROVE) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
113: Carter Shipers (CHILLICO) over Keegan Martin (OAKGROVE) (TF 19-4 3:20)
120: James Hail (CHILLICO) over Dustin Lor (OAKGROVE) (Fall 1:49)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Mickey Seymour (OAKGROVE) over Caden Kanniainen (CHILLICO) (MD 11-1)
138: Bryce Dominique (CHILLICO) over Rudy Whitehead (OAKGROVE) (Dec 7-3)
144: Chase Henderson (OAKGROVE) over Morgan Orndorff (CHILLICO) (Fall 0:32)
150: Alex Whitehead (OAKGROVE) over Elijah Hall (CHILLICO) (Fall 1:06)
157: Cayden Larson (CHILLICO) over Jordan Hall (OAKGROVE) (Fall 0:38)
165: Ethan Phillips (OAKGROVE) over (CHILLICO) (For.)
175: Brody Carins (CHILLICO) over Daniel Seymour (OAKGROVE) (Fall 1:23)
190: Brock Miller (CHILLICO) over Logan Pittman (OAKGROVE) (Fall 1:34)
215: Dilyn Ulmer (CHILLICO) over Kade Carroll (OAKGROVE) (Fall 1:59)
285: Caleb Groff (OAKGROVE) over Bo Smith (CHILLICO) (Dec 4-0)

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