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First Ward – TIE – Two Options

The vote for Chillicothe’s 1st Ward is officially a TIE.  The City will determine the next step.

Friday morning, a bipartisan committee reviewed the election results.

Livingston County Election Authority Sherry Parks there was one provisional ballot, That ballot was approved and resulted in a tie vote of  218 votes for both Reed Dupy and Dowell Kincaid.

Chillicothe City officials met with their attorneys and determined they have two options to decide the race.

  • The City of Chillicothe could have a special “run- off” election.
  • State statute allows for a drawing to determine the winner. The City Clerk would need each candidate to turn in a written statement by Monday morning, to the City Clerk’s office at City Hall, stating that they agree to this alternative procedure of a drawing. If both candidates agree, the City Clerk will decide a time and place to have this drawing and notify each candidate at least five days prior to the drawing.
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