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Chillicothe’s 1st Ward Runoff

Chillicothe’s runoff election for the 1st Ward Council Seat takes place June 6th.  Incumbent Reed Dupy and challenger Dowell Kincaid were tied following the April 4th election.  Livingston County Election Authority Sherry Parks says absentee ballots for the runoff election are available now at the County Clerk’s office.

Those wishing to have an absentee ballot mailed to them have until May 24th to submit their request.

If you need to make special arrangements to cast an absentee ballot, contact the Clerk’s office at 660-646-8000, x3

Voter registration for the 1st Ward Runoff Election is available through May 10th.


Dowell Kincaid filed a petition for a recount of the votes from the April 4th election for the 1st Ward race.  A hearing on the petition will be held Thursday morning before Judge Drew Davis, in the 3rd Floor Courtroom.