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KCHI & Leatherman Family Presented Scholarships and Awards

KCHI Radio is proud to be part of the scholarship presentations.

Sports Director Trevor Grady presented the KCHI – Leatherman Communications Broadcast Scholarship

KCHI and Investor’s Community Bank Presented the “A For Achievement” Awards of $200 to 10 seniors, based solely on Grade Point Average.  Alphabetically, the list includes:

Griff Bonderer, Wyatt Brandsgaard, Cami Carpenter, Belle Englert, Juliann Gabrielson, Allison Higgins, Gabriel Peterson, Keegan Peterson, Charles Walker, and Emily Wilford.


To honor the memory of Dan Leatherman, the Leatherman family presented the GDL – Groovy Dan Leatherman – Scholarships of $1,000 each to Hope Helton and Kaylynn Cranmer.


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