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Don’t Let Your Private Pool Be A “Nuisance”

Chillicothe homeowners with a private swimming pool are reminded of the City Ordinances about pools.

The City ordinance defines a pool to include a pool, pond, lake, or open tank not located within a completely enclosed building and containing or normally capable of containing water to a depth at any point greater than one and 1½ feet (18 inches).  The City jhas several conditions and requirements that must be met to make the pool legal.  These include:

  • Must be at least five feet from the property line.
  • Must be enclosed in a wall of fence to prevent uncontrolled access.
  • The fence or wall must be at least five feet in height.

Pools not meeting these requirements can be considered a public nuisance.

If you have questions about the city’s pool ordinance, contact the codes enforcement department at 660-646-5636.


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