Roasting Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Cooking for Thanksgiving for most of us will mean roasting the turkey in the oven.  Of course, there are other methods to cook the bird, including grilling, smoking, and deep-frying, but we are talking about roasting.  Sue Smith from the Butterball Hotline says prepare your bird with the seasoning of your choice.  Smith says stuffing the bird is a personal […]

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USDA Expects Larger Food Price Increases

Food prices, like the prices of so many things, rise each year.  The US Department of Agriculture says on average the increase for most food is 2%.  USDA Economist Carolyn Chelius says meats are seeing larger increases. Chelius says Beef could increase around 5%.  She says others areas are also seeing increases. The challenges this year for producers that are […]

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Americans Use Too Much Salt

New Government Dietary Guidelines suggest limiting our salt intake.  Sandy Proctor, Kansas State University extension nutrition expert says currently most of us consume too much salt. Proctor says the current guideline says we as a people grew up consuming too much salt. Proctor says the guidelines recommend no more than 2300 milligrams of sodium, but most consume between 4000 – […]

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