Livingston Co. Health Center COVID-19 Tests, Vaccine, Booster, and Child’s Vaccine

COVID 19 Testing, Shots, and Boosters are available to Livingston County residents through the Livingston County Health Center.  Curtis Lanning is an RN and Emergency Planner at the Health Center and says testing is offered twice a week. The test is the nasal swab and results are available in 15 minutes. Lanning says the COVID Vaccines are available in two […]

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Livingston County COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 numbers for Livingston County since last week show increases in the number of cases and number of deaths. The number of COVID 19 related deaths in Livingston County has reached 77, up three.  To-date, the Livingston County Health Center reports there have been 2207 cases of COVID-19 in the county.  That is up 33 for the week.  The […]

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Heat Related Illnesses

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are heat-related illnesses that are not uncommon when the outside temperatures start climbing into the 90’s and above.  Ann Burchett from the Livingston County Health Center says one of the keys to avoiding those is to avoid dehydration. Burchett suggests drinking plenty of water early and continuing to replenish your body throughout the day. Experts […]

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