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Livingston County Election Includes One VERY Close Race

Several close votes and a provisional ballot will make the verification count on Friday very important.

In the Livingston County Health Center race

Sonja Daley                                    798

Clayton Vadnais                             791

Alvina Benskin                                 754

Harry Lockridge                                667


Chillicothe R-II School Board

David Neal                                      948

Brice Walker                                   885

Allison Pickering                            794

Cyndy Munday                                 712

Robbie Skipper                                424

Rodney Mouton                                265


Chillicothe 1st Ward

Dowell Kincaid                                 218

Reed Dupy                                       217


Chillicothe 3rd Ward

Stacey Soper                                  58

Josh Fosdick                                    55


Chillicothe Capital Improvement Sales Tax Extension

Yes                                                  688

No                                                   270


Road Questions for Blue Mound, Jackson, Medicine, and Rich Hill Townships all passed


Livingston County Election Authority Sherry Parks says a bipartisan team will hand count and re-machine count the votes in the one race.

When the bipartisan team completes the process, the vote will be certified.


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