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Three Charged With Alleged Counterfeiting

Alleged counterfeiting charges are filed against three in Linn County.  Brookfield Police investigated the report of an attempt to pass counterfeit bills at a retail business in Brookfield and arrested 29-year-old Tyler Lee McFarland and 20-year-old Gracyn June Hendricks of Kansas City and 36-year-old Macie Nycole Parrent of Saint Paul, Minnesota following the investigation and search of their vehicle and hotel room.

Hendricks and Parrent are each charged with three counts of alleged forgery and possession of a forging instrument.

McFarland is charged with 4 counts of alleged forgery, possession of a forging instrument, and tampering with a vehicle.

All three were arraigned Wednesday and entered a plea of not guilty.  They are scheduled to appear for bond hearings Thursday at 9:00 am in Linn County Court.

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