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Severe Weather Awareness Week

This is Severe Weather Preparedness Week and KCHI and the National Weather Service will provide information about different aspects of severe weather each day.  Today’s focus is on Awareness.  KCHI brings you weather several times per hour and will keep you informed on what can be expected for any severe weather.

When weather warnings are issued, the National Weather Service recommends we have several ways to receive watches and warnings.

KCHI will announce the watches and warnings that affect the local area.  When appropriate, we will have live coverage of the warnings and the storms, with updates proved by the National Weather Service and local spotters.

Most smartphones have apps that will provide watches and warnings for the area you may be traveling through.

Once you receive the watches or warnings, have a plan in place for how you will react.  Know where to go to seek shelter when at home, work, school or on the road.

Tuesday, KCHI will have information about Tornadoes.