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Maryville Wins Undercard Games

Maryville won both football undercard games Monday at Chillicothe. In a C-team game, Maryville won 16-6. The Spoofhounds scored on a fumble in the end zone and a 7-yard run. The Hornets scored on a 20-yard pass from Braden Constant to Donald McCracken.

Coach Roman Cranmer said noteworthy plays were a Trey Tipton forced fumble, a sack by Cameron Fleener, a Donald McCracken long kick off return. Standout plays also included a forced fumble by Anderson DeJesus recovered by Damarcus Kelow, who also recovered a dropped snap by the Maryville Quarterback. Tipton forced another fumble that was recovered by Christian Peniston.

In the JV game Maryville scored twice in the first quarter and ended with a 40-0 win over Chillicothe.

Cranmer said noteworthy plays were a 50-plus yard punt by Brock Ward and a Damarcus Kelow sack. Dale Hoel had Interception and Donald McCracken had a sack recovered by Cameron Fleener.

Chillicothe had 9 turnovers in the JV game.