Stream KCHI Live 24/7!

Here’s how it works!!

Fill out a registration form at Country Carpet & Furniture in Chillicothe, the exclusive sponsor of this Labor Day giveaway

On Friday September 3, KCHI will draw a name from those forms at the top of each hour between 9AM and 4PM

KCHI will announce the name and if that person calls in before the deadline, they’re on the payroll for that hour, earning $20! (If no response at 9AM, KCHI will keep announcing names until there is a winner!)

Each hour KCHI will pull another name and announce it. If that person calls, they are the new honorary employee and will win $20 for their hour’s ‘work’

Here’s the twist: starting with the 10:00 hour, if no one calls in, the previous winner stays on the payroll – adding another $20 per hour!

You could win $20 – or as much as $160! All you have to do is sign up, listen and call in!