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Overnight Pile Up on Highway 36 near Brookfield

Two people were injured in two separate accidents at the same location.
The first accident was at 2:00 Saturday Morning on Highway 36 in Linn County, west of Brookfield at Highway TT.

The Highway Patrol says a car driven by 20 year old Triston Walmsley of Spickard was stopped sideways in the roadway due to a prior crash when a car driven by a Mexico, Missouri woman hit the Walmsley vehicle in the drivers side door. Walmsley was taken to a Columbia hospital by air ambulance with serious injuries. The other driver was taken to a Brookfield hospital with minor injuries.

While the Mexico driver was stopped in this accident, a vehicle driven by a 52 year old man from Indiana was unable to stop and hit the car in the rear. The Driver from Indiana was not injured.

No details were released by the Patrol on the original crash that caused the ensuing pile-up.