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Area Basketball Tournaments To Try Again

Area high school basketball tournament organizers will try once again to play games after two straight days of postponements due to weather. Here are the latest schedules.
Cameron Tournament- Two gyms will be used to get the schedule back on track.
4:00pm – Chillicothe boys have their first game since Maryville on January 8th when the Hornets take on Higginsville in the opening round game in Cameron’s High School Gym.
7:45pm – Chillicothe girls face Maryville in a girls semifinal game in the high school gym.
Other Games at Cameron High School Gym
5:15 Lawson boys vs Cameron first round
6:30pm Smithville girls vs Lawson semifinal
Vets Gym
4:00pm Smithville Boys vs LeBlond first round game
5:15pm Maryville Boys vs Excelsior Springs first round game
6:30 pm Cameron girls vs Excelsior Springs Consolation Semi-final game
7:45pm Higginsville girls vs LeBlond in Consolation Semi-final game.

Hamilton Tournament – they will use two gyms on Friday night but for
tonight, four games in one gym
4:30pm Trenton girls vs South Harrison
6:00pm Lathrop boys vs South Harrison
7:30pm Gallatin girls vs Lathrop
9:00pm Gallatin boys vs Hamilton

Meadville Tournament: will use Meadville and Northwestern of Mendon Gyms Thursday.
Meadville Gym Games
4:30pm Meadville girls vs Hale
5:45pm Mercer boys vs Hale
7:00pm Mercer girls vs Bucklin/Macon County
8:15pm Meadville boys vs Bucklin/Macon County
Northwestern of Mendon Gym games
5:00 pm Grundy County girls vs Northwestern
6:30pm Linn County boys vs Grundy County

Gilman City Tournament – After missing the first three days of the tournament, they will use a second location at Pattonsburg for some of the games. The schedule of games on Thursday:
At Gilman City:
5:00pm Pattonsburg boys vs Tri County of Jamesport
6:15pm Tri County of Jamesport girls vs Gilman City
7:30pm North Harrison boys at Gilman City
at Pattonsburg
5:00pm Princeton girls vs Union Starr
6:15pm Union Starr Boys vs East Harrison
7:30pm Pattonsburg girls vs East Harrison