SPA Girls 12 & Under Results

In S.P.A. games Thursday, girls 12 and under league games:

Bailey Studio over Walmart 10-1
For Bailey Studio:
Bryleigh Gillespie and Cadence Judy were pitching. Triple for Tori Stoner, doubles for Cadence Judy and Alyssa Munroe and singles for Tori Stoner, Kealee French, Bryanna Skinner and Kiarra Vail.
For Walmart Farrah Lauhoff was pitching. Singles for Emerson Staton, Farrah Lauhoff and Libbie Bonderer.

Woody’s Automotive held off the Elks 11-10
For Woody’s Automotive
Emerie Kale and Aubree Chromey were pitching. Singles for Miley Kale, Emerie Kale, Charlie Roberts, Grace Mouton, Haley Smith, Alyssa Smith and Jasmine Carnes.
For Chillicothe Elks Kenzie Reynolds was pitching. Singles for Rebecca Pittman-Maupin, Alikai Walker, Mady Tipton, Desiray Smith, Kami Snyder, Cadence Judy, Bryanna Skinner and Bryleigh Gillespie.

Investors Community Bank over Bailey Studio 3-2
For Investors Community Bank: Jaiden Rodenberg was pitching, Singles for Charley Peniston, Jocelyn Albrecht, Jaiden Rodenberg, Macie Rodenberg,  Harlee Beck and Emerson Staton.
For Bailey Studio: Tori Stoner and Maicee Albrecht were pitching. Singles for Tori Stoner, Alyssa Munroe, Sophie Hurtgen and Kiarra Vail.

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