Improved Rating for Chillicothe Fire Dept

The Chillicothe Fire Department has been recognized as achieving a reduced Insurance Services Office, or ISO Rating improving from a rating of 4 to a rating of 3.
This places Chillicothe in the top 15th percentile of communities surveyed in 2019. A city spokesperson stated this is the best level the Chillicothe Fire Department has ever attained.
The Survey analyzes the structural fire suppression delivery system provided to Chillicothe by the Fire Department. The improvement is being attributed to the efforts of CMU personnel.
Also analyzed was measuring the effectiveness of 911 communications.
The rating improvement is expected to translate into a reduction of property owner’s insurance premiums at a rate of 4 to 8 percent with commercial properties being found on the higher end of the saving scale.
City officials say while this improvement is due to the efforts of the entire Fire Department, Chief Darrell Wright and Assistant Chief, now Interim Chief Eric Reeter have been instrumental in the successes attained.

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