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Change in Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases

Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren has announced at the Courthouse an immediate refusal to prosecute misdemeanor marijuana possession, and plans to dismiss all pending cases regarding the same offense.
Warren, in his third term, stated the new policy reflects the new definition of hemp in Missouri Statutes.
The Missouri Legislature passed a Senate Bill which goes into effect August 28th. Part of the bill gives a new definition for publicly marketable hemp, which includes seeds, stems, roots, leaf or floral material that contains no more than 3/10ths of one percent THC.
Warren stated the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab currently possesses no methodology to distinguish hemp from marijuana based on these new statutory definitions.
Warren said he will request the Chillicothe City Council to ban hemp and marijuana from schools, parks and other public spaces. Warren is also finalizing a no-refusal policy to offset any upticks in impaired driving cases.
The policy will require a blood sample to be sought in all suspected driving while drug impaired cases, even if consent is denied and a search warrant is required.

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