Police Negotiate Armed Stand-Off

A scary moment at a Chillicothe residence was handled by Chillicothe Police.
At 8:27pm Wednesday, officers responded to a disturbance call at an undisclosed residence that involved a man with a knife, and a child.
Officers responded and determined all residents had left the building except for the male subject. He was found to be in an extreme fit of anger and allegedly threatening officers with the knife. The report says he was also screaming and yelling.
Officers contained the scene while a police negotiator and Chief Jon Maples responded. After a negotiation, the subject was talked into surrendering to officers.
The incident was handled in just over two hours and required all on-duty and two off-duty officers along with the assistance of a Livingston County Deputy and Chillicothe Emergency Services.
The subject was taken to Hedrick Medical Center for mental evaluation to be transferred to a mental health facility.
No name or location was included in the report to the media.

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