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MINK League Officials Optimistic

The MINK Collegiate League Baseball organization is remaining optimistic and hopeful that the current COVID-19 situation won’t affect this summer’s MINK League Baseball Schedule.
In a press release, MINK League President Ky Turner said League officials understands and supports the decisions being made across the nation during this time. Turner stated “The MINK League’s Number One Goal is to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, fans, host families, staff and all of the tremendous people who are a part of the MINK league”.
His statement went on to say they will continue to monitor developments during the situation, and he is optimistic and hopeful the League will be able to begin on May 27th, as planned. The first Chillicothe Mudcats game is scheduled for May 28th.
One change in the league has been announced. The new team in the league, scheduled to play in Chanute, Kansas, will now play in Clinton, Missouri. The change is due to field availability in Chanute. A decision on the new team’s name and logo is expected to be announced by March 25th. The team will be a part of the MINK League’s South Division.

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