New Look For Boo-Fest This Year

The 21st annual BooFest will be Saturday, October 31st, but because of COVID-19, there are changes this year.  Main Street Director Pam Jarding says they are teaming with the Chamber of Commerce this year and are collecting funds to fill goody bags.

Jarding says on Halloween Night, BooFest will be held in the parking lot of First Baptist Church.

At the time of BooFest, the children 16 and under will need to be in the vehicle that comes through the drive-through.
If you have questions or would like to make donations, call 646-4071 or 646-4050.


  • Is there going to be a wine walk this year?? I would sure hope not after cancelling the homecoming parade and the traditional boo fest and chat aqua! Sad sad! And I’d sure say it will be sad if there is no Christmas parade! Will people treat the typical influenza a and b in the same manner they are with covid? Let’s say I hope not, it’s sad we are confirming to socialism and we aren’t even batting an eye about it. We are sheep being led to slaughter! They say it’s a safety issue, let people use common sense the same way you would with influenza a and b.

  • I agree 100%. Our freedom is being taken away every second. No Chautauqua but we are having a boo fest??? C’mon people!

  • This is pathetic.. if the wine walk happens that will be a true showing of this city’s “priorities”

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