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Class 1 and 2 District Track Results

High School Class 1 and 2 held district track meets across Missouri. In the KCHI listening area. The top 4 finishers included:
Class 1 District 7
Braymer: Valerie Demsko 2nd in 3200, Karley Cox 3rd in 3200,
Raylee Hawkins 4th in long jump, 4×00 relay team 3rd, Brody Hughson 2nd in Men’s 800, Landon Baker 4th in triple jump
Norborne: Olivia Dooley 3rd in 400, Delaney Dunkin 2nd in 100 hurdles, Kate Brown 4th in 1600 and 3200. Keyton Laire 2nd in Men’s Discus, Javelin and Shot Put.
Class 1 District 4
Southwest Livingston: Kendall Provolt 3rd in women’s 100, 4th in High Jump, Annabelle Sackrey 4th in Long Jump, Patrick Warren 3rd in men’s high jump.
Tina-Avalon: Abby Jones 3rd in 200, 4th in 100, 4th in 400. Men’s 4×100 3rd, Tucker Singer 2nd in Shot.
Linn County: Morgan Livingston 1st in High Jump, 4th in 200, Mikaela Rojas 4th in 100 hurdles, girls 4×100 relay team 3rd, Martina Brosdal 4th in shot put, Mason Singleton 4th in men’s 110 hurdles.
Breckenridge: Kylee Allred 1st in Discus.
Grundy County: Skylar Bonnett 3rd in girls long jump, Cole Peterson 3rd in men’s 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles.
Hale: Liberty Hoerr (Hair) 4th in 300 hurdles, Ethan Hoerr 1st in 3200, 2nd in 1600 and 3rd in 800. Jaden Sears 1st in shot put and 3rd in javelin.
Meadville: Conner Fletcher 1st in triple jump and javelin, 3rd in 400, Ethan Burnett 4th in 3200, Wade Vandyke 4th in discus.
Newtown-Harris: men’s 4×800 1st, Payton Miller 2nd in 3200, 3rd in 1600, Gauge MacGregor 3rd in 3200, 4th in 1600, Zackary Cross 2nd in 300 hurdles.
Northwestern of Mendon: Hallie Smith 3rd in 800, Taylor Fry 4th in 800, Girls 4×800 2nd.
Tri-County of Jamesport: 2nd in Girls 4×100 , Carly Turner 2nd in 100 hurdles and 3rd in 300 hurdles, 4×200 and 4×400 girls relay teams 3rd, Derick Curtis 2nd in 100 and 200, William Terhune 4th in 800, Jakob Ybarra 4th in javelin and show, men’s 4×400 4th.
In area Class 2 schools:
Carrollton: Jordan Myler 1st in girls discus and 4th in shot put, Isabella Ochoa 4th in 400, Allison Vaughn 4th in pole vault. Men’s 4×200 3rd, 4×100 4th, Gavin Claud 2nd in triple jump and 3rd in long jump.
Polo: Mary Copeland 2nd in shot put, Jordan Carter 4th in girls javelin. Gavin Fitzwater 2nd in 800 and 3200 and 3rd in 1600, Jacob Sales 2nd in 110 hurdles, Men’s 4×800 4th and Cody Blackwell 3rd in Javelin.
Penney of Hamilton: Brighton Swindler 2nd in 100 hurdles and 300 hurdles, Julia Kanoy 2nd in high jump, Somers Finch 2nd in javelin. Jacob Dawson 2nd in men’s pole vault, men’s 4×100 relay 2nd, Rylan Allsup 1st on 110 hurdles and 3rd in 300 hurdles.
Gallatin :Claire Hemry 1st in 1600 and 2nd in 3200, Women’s 4×800 relay 1st, Annabelle Ball 3rd in 300 hurdles, Alex Endicott 4th in women’s 800, Carson Lang 3rd in men’s Discus.