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March 10, 2019 – Chillicothe Police Officer Brandon Johnson talks about what drivers must remember when passing a police officer who has pulled someone over. Driving slow and moving to the other side of the road is just the tip of the iceberg…


March 3, 2019 – New Chillicothe Police Dept. dispatcher Caitlin Howell talks to Jon Ingram about her path to the position and what she’s enjoying about working for the CPD.



February 24, 2019 – Officer Jeremiah Grider is in charge of police training at the Chillicothe Police Dept., and he goes into detail about what that training consists of, the importance of active shooter training, and more with KCHI’s Jon Ingram.


February 17, 2019 – New CPD Officer Brian Schmidt talks to Jon Ingram about his career, from longtime member of the Mexico (MO) Police Department to winding down as a part time officer in Chillicothe.



January 27, 2019 – Cop Talk is back with Chillicothe Police Dept. Chief Jon Maples, who talks about the Outstanding Service Award that they received from the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce. He also talks about the importance of driving with valid auto insurance cards.


January 20, 2019 – Officer Jeff Allen, the newest member of the Chillicothe Police Dept., talks to Jon Ingram about his career path, including being a member of the National Guard.



January 3, 2019 – Whitney Murdock of the Chillicothe Police Department talks to Jon Ingram about her new role as a CPD Detective.