2020 Chillicothe City Budget Could Include 3% Pay increase

The 2020 Chillicothe City Budget will be considered at the end of this month and part of that budget is a proposed 3% pay increase for City Employees.  City Administrator Darin Chappell talked about justifying the increase.

Chappell says the increases are to help maintain buying power.

He says the city is dealing with the same issues private employers do, jut on a stricter budget.

One comment

  • 3% is an insult to the police dept. Police need a bigg base pay increase and a COLA.
    First off you are not paying a loveable wage. The COLA comes after they have paid the higher prices for the preceding year. So they are a year on arrears on the COLA.

    You should catch them up with a 6% COLA.

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