Twelfth Case OF COVID-19 In Livingston County

A 12th case of COVID-19 in Livingston County is conformed.  The Livingston County Health Center announced the twelfth positive case of novel coronavirus.  The individual was symptomatic and will be isolating at home for 14 days.  Close contacts are being notified of their exposure.

The health center continues to urge the public to continue to take appropriate precautions including good hygiene, social distancing, and limiting in-person interactions. If you are sick, particularly with a fever and a cough, or shortness of breath, stay home and contact your health care provider or urgent care center for guidance regarding symptoms and next steps.



  • How can there only be 12 cases in Livingston County?? When you look at the stats it is more like 438 cases. I don’t get it.

    • This is Livingston County, Missouri.

      • Thank you for your reporting; state/national news is generally available, but it is especially important to have local information now. I realize this is a much more condensed format than print journalism, & that you don’t have the luxury of an expanded format like NPR.

        However, more information would be helpful in understanding what is happening locally in Chillicothe/Livingston CO, MO. For example: age range (pediatric, 18-34, 35-49, 50-65, 65+), community spread (i.e., is this someone who has sheltered locally since March) vs. travel-related (off to party at The Lake/shop in the City/etc.). This general information would not violate patient privacy, but could help the public better understand what you’re reporting, which is especially important given the general negligence of masking & social distancing in the area.

        Again, thank you for the local reporting.

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