Chillicothe Fire Protection District Approved, But NOT Funded

Livingston County voters approved the  Chillicothe Fire Protection District, but failed to fund its operation.  The voters within the proposed district had three questions to consider.  First was the creation of the Chillicothe Fire District.  That vote was 576 YES and 441 NO.

The voters were also asked to approve a property tax to fund the operation of the district.  The tax of 30 cents per $100 valuation was defeated on a vote of 580 No and 439 YES.

Finally, the voters were asked to select five members to serve on the board of directors.   One will serve 6 years, two will serve four years and two will serve 2 years in the initial terms.

Chris Bonderer         643

Darrell Wright           566

Ed Daugherty           468

Bruce Brodmerkle     466

David Morris             450



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