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Livingston County Sheriff’s Report

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department had several calls for service this week, resulting in investigations.

On August 23 Deputies received a call of an intoxicated person in possession of a handgun which the person had been shooting and was intending to commit suicide. The person was located, and a traffic stop in Chillicothe resulted in an arrest for alleged DWI.  A handgun was seized, and the driver was taken to a treatment facility for care.

August 26 the deputies began an investigation at a bar in Avalon. A woman left the bar and retrieved her spouse who then reportedly entered the business and assaulted a senior citizen.  A report will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

August 29 deputies began an investigation of Animal Abuse/Neglect where a person reportedly dumped several puppies in rural Livingston County. A suspect has been identified and we are attempting to interview that person prior to submitting a report to the prosecuting attorney for consideration.