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Chillicothe Approves Exploring Wetland Mitigation

As work continues on the East Locust Creek Lake project that will serve ten counties, including Livingston, Linn and Sullivan Counties in the local area, the project engineers are also looking at wetland mitigation projects in those counties.  Greg Pitchford, from Allstate Consultants, told the City there are areas along the City Owned Railroad, near Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge which is in need of mitigation.  Pitchford says there are areas on or near the old rail bed that need work that could benefit the city and the area residents that use the wetland for hunting and other nature activities.

Pitchford asked for permission to investigate the issues further and look for solutions.

The Chillicothe City Council approved allowing Allstate Consultants to begin exploring the improvements needed to the old rail bed in the area near Swan Lake.