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Road Treatment To Improve Curves On US 36 Near Shelbina

If you travel on US 36 near Shelbina, you know the curves in the road can be tricky in wet weather.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has seen an increase in “run off the road” crashes in the past couple of years, especially in wet weather conditions.  MoDOT says beginning September 24th, they will begin applying treatment to the road to improve the grip in those curves.

Area Engineer Brian Haeffner says to address this safety concern, the driving surface will be noticeably different once the operation is complete.  He says Drivers can expect to see and feel the difference in these two short sections when compared with the rest of the highway.

He added that actions have been taken in the past to reduce crashes, including the addition of chevron curve signs.  He says those helped, but only for a while.

While the work is taking place, the lane in the sections of road that have the treatment applied will remain closed in the overnight hours.