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Chillicothe Police Investigate One Accident and Make Three Arrests

A motorcycle accident Thursday in Chillicothe left one injured.  At about 1:30 pm, officers were called to Springhill and Walnut Streets for an accident that left James Tye with minor injuries.

The report states Lloyd Johnson pulled his vehicle into the path of a motorcycle driven by James Tye. Tye refused treatment by EMS for minor injuries.

Johnson was issued a Municipal Citation for fail to yield the right of way.


In the Chillicothe Police report for Thursday and Friday, there are three arrests

3:45 pm, Officers investigated a report of stealing in the 1400 block of Polk Street.

6:05 pm, Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 10 block of Villa.  They arrested Robert Scheib for alleged domestic assault. He was held at the Daviess DeKalb Regional Jail.

11:35 pm, Officers responded to a report of a man walking in the middle of the 2500 block Washington Street.  The man was located and taken to Hedrick Medical Center for evaluation and treatment.

4:45 am, Officers responded to Hedrick Medical Center on a report of a patient walking away from the Emergency Room against medical advice.  The man was taken into custody and was transported back to the Emergency Room for evaluation and treatment.

5:40 am, Officers investigated suspicious activity in the 1000 block of South Washington Street. They arrested Jeffrey Carroll for alleged possession of a controlled substance. He was held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

9:25 am, Officers took a report of property damage in the 10 block of Villa.

6:25 pm, Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity in the 200 block of Garr Field. They arrested Teah Sensenich for alleged unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. She was cited and released.