Chillicothe Education Foundation Presents More Than $4,300 In Mini Grants

The Chillicothe Education Foundation presented mini grants totaling just over $4,300 to classrooms around the district this week.  The recipients include:

  • Carla Williams in the Preschool – $498.83 for Little Hands Learning 1,2,3’s and ABC’s is what you see
  • Kari Snyder in First Grade – $330 for Math & Communication Arts in 1st Grade.
  • Katie Maples in Third Grade – $496.92 for Wiggle While You Work
  • Will Ford – 3rd to 5th Grade Art – $500 for Painting With 21st Century Skills
  • Deborah Hardy & Amy Peoples – Grade 6 & 7 – $494.20 for Fast Plans for Real Learning
  • Diane Pittman – 6th to 8th Grade Math & Creative Corner – $500.00 for Problem Based Learning and Life Skills.
  • Amy Adams in High School Chemistry – $499 for Forensic Chemistry and Data-Collection with our Chromebooks
  • Stacy Surber in High school Physics       $487 for Obeying Newton’s Laws
  • Brandon Dennis & Mike Harrington in Networking Technology & Automation and Electrical Technology – $500.00 for Coding in Education

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