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Chillicothe Police Report Include Stolen Vehicle

Chillicothe Police recovered a stolen vehicle and assisted with a child out of control Tuesday.

8:13 AM, Officers conducted traffic stop at Locust and Polk Street.  Driver was cited for failing to register motor vehicle.

8:41 AM, Officer conducted traffic stop at North Washington and Blackfoot Drive.  Driver was cited for expired registration.

12:04 PM, Officers recovered a stolen vehicle in the 900 block of Vine Street.  The vehicle was taken in Grundy County.  A suspect was identified and the investigation continues.

2:47 PM, Officers received parking complaint in the 1100 block of 3rd Street.  Owner was contacted, and the vehicle moved.

4:32 PM, Officer received call of animal at large in the 1500 block of Webster.  Officer contacted owner of animal.

4:41 PM, Officer received call from parent because child was out of control in the 1000 block of Graves Street.  Officer spoke with parent and child and issue was resolved.

5:03 PM, Officer conducted traffic stop in the 600 block of North Washington Street. Driver was cited for failing to register motor vehicle.

9:30 PM, Officer received a walk in report of a missing person.  They found the person was not missing and was in a safe location.