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MoDOT To Hold Winter Weather Drill November 7th

Snow has stayed away from most of the KCHI listening area so far this year, but the snow season is right around the corner.  MoDOT District and Maintenance Traffic Engineer Tonya Lohman says they have their preparations complete, but they want to test themselves before the first real snowfall.

Lohman says they have stockpiled their supplies and made other preparations to be prepared.

The MoDOT Winter Weather Drill is November 7th.  This can also serve as a reminder for motorist.  When we see those plows and sand trucks out on the roads, give them room!  Don’t crowd the plow.  When the drivers are pushing snow, their visibility is often reduced by the snow that is flying and they need you to give them a break, by allowing them extra room – in front, behind and on the sides.