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Livingston County Sheriff’s Department Report For Early November

The Livingston County Sheriff reported several incidents and arrests in the month of November.

November 09 Livingston County Court issued a warrant for 44 year old Michael Wayne Fischer of Cowgill for alleged failure to appear.  He also has warrants for alleged Driving While Revoked or Suspended, Expired Registration, Fail to Signal and no insurance. Suspect remains at large at this time.

November 13th, Deputies responded to a call of a possible drunk driver and a second call that the driver was in a driveway and slumped over the wheel. A deputy checked on the driver and discovered the strong odor of alleged marijuana.  The deputy arrested 49 year old Gregory Michael Anderson of Chillicothe for alleged Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

November 15th, a domestic violence investigation by the sheriff’s office and Highway Patrol resulted in the arrest of 43 year old David Matthew Jeffers of Braymer for alleged Domestic Assault.

November 19th, deputies arrested 30 year old Cynthia Renee Periman after she surrendered on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Orders on Bond Conditions on class E felony Driving While Revoked/Suspended.

November 15th, a traffic stop  for speeding resulted in the arrest of 24 year old Chancelor Wade McLemore of Chillicothe for alleged speeding and driving while intoxicated.

November 17th, a California driver was arrested following a traffic stop for 95 in a 65.  Jacob Dylan Amaro posted bond and was released.

November 18th, another speeding stop resulted in the arrest of 30 year old Jordan Lee Lessig of Indianapolis for alleged Driving While Revoked/suspended and Speeding. He posted bond and was released.

And on the 19th, deputies arrested 29 year old Cameron K. Bay of Chillicothe on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Probation Violation for Non-Support. Bond was set at $7,537 CASH.  He is held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.