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Flood Warnings On The Grand River

A flood warning is in place for the Grand River at Chillicothe, Sumner and Brunswick.

At Chillicothe, the river rose to 26.44 feet Sunday and is holding at or near the crest.  The river is expected to fall back below flood stage or 24 feet later today.

At Sumner, Moderate flooding is occurring as the river is at 32.35 feet and should be near the crest.  The river is expected to remain near that level until Tuesday morning and begin to fall.  Flooding is expected to continue until Wednesday morning when the river falls back below 26 feet.

At Brunswick, there are no recent readings.  The river is expected to rise above flood stage of 19 feet this morning, with minor flooding expected and a crest near 20 feet.

MoDOT is showing no road closures due to the flooding.