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Explosion At Barnabas Home – UPDATE

The State Fire Marshall’s office says it was likely a natural gas explosion in the kitchen of the Barnabas that resulted in Chillicothe Fire Fighters responding to the scene at about 8:11 Wednesday morning.  Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded with a pumper and ladder truck.  The report states the sprinkler system in the kitchen was activated when they arrived and there was no fire showing.

The fire department turned off the sprinkler system, leaving about three inches of water on the floor outside the kitchen.  Gas was also shut off to the cook stove.

Some of the residence stated they also heard the explosion from the floor above the kitchen and there was some evidence of a small explosion in the kitchen.

Adam Crouch from the Fire Marshall’s office says they’ve completed their preliminary investigation with the City Codes Office and have determined the building is uninhabitable at this time.

There were no injuries due to the fire and explosion.  The residents are being relocated.